Phototraining by PRGH
PRGH Training For You Training Costs Contact
PRGH Training For You Training Costs Contact

How can my phototraining help you?

by assessing your strengths and weaknesses and building on the strengths.

Phototraining is a skill just as much as taking a good photograph.  Photography, be it wedding photography, boudoir, or glamour all have separate and joint skills.

Anyone can take photographs and anyone can point a camera but people who want to be creative need to learn the rules first then learn when they can break them .

There are so many trainers about now so why choose me? You need to choose someone who’s actually done the job rather than someone who’s talked about how it aught to be done - someone who’s walked the walk not just talked the talk.

I can show you the rules and why they are important and then show you how to push those rules and bring your own creativity to the forefront of your images.

Creativity doesn’t mean copying someone else.  Creativity comes from within yourself and needs help to come out in a recognisable way.

One to one training starts at £600 per day but contact me first to discuss your personal photographic training needs.  I also do many one day courses with limited number of delegates.   See my Facebook training page.

I’ve been a professional photographer all my working life which is since 1966.  Yes, that makes me very old but it also shows that I’ve taken a few photographs, got into a few scrapes and got out of a few of them as well.  It’s called experience and I’m now willing to share it so why try to reinvent the wheel? Call on someone else’s experience instead - mine

I’ve been in the photographic business for over 40 years but have moved with the times and led the way for many in the digital change over. My years as a press photographer, including being one of only three civilian photographers sent with the task force during the Falklands War, kept me looking for quick solutions to many problems and being self employed since 1987 has helped me concentrate on making profits rather than turnover.  I won the Fashion and Glamour Photographer of the Year award presented in 2006 at the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) convention.

Whether you are a hobbyist, serious amateur wanting to move into professional work or professional photographer needing mentoring to get up the ladder a couple of rungs have a look at my One on One training for 2011.  It’s guaranteed to increase your knowledge, sharpen your skills and inject you with enthusiasm.

I was awarded my Fellowship of the Master Photographer’s Association in 2009 and was Chairman of the Yorkshire region for many years as well as a Director of the company.   I was awarded a Presidential award for services to the Association in October 2007.

I strongly believe in associating with the right sort of people and how that helps ones business and can’t recommend strongly enough to people who are starting out or even already successful in the photographic world which is why I’m also gained a Master Craftsman in The Guild of Photography and became a member of their judging and qualifications panel for some time.  I have also held Associateships in both the SWPP and the RPS.

By associating with other like minded people you can both learn and teach and thus creating a better understanding of business and customers.

Who said “No man is an island”? Well it was John Donne but I’m not sure what else he wrote!!  I’m not even sure if he was a member of an association but I totally agree with what he said!

So, who is PRGH:

It’s Paul RG Haley. MCGPP, DipPP.

My book, My Road towards a successful Fellowship submission, is on sale on my Books page here :-  CLICK