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PRGH Training For You Training Costs Contact

Specialised photographic training (phototraining) can be found all over the Internet.

There are countless video’s on all sorts of subjects on YouTube and many people offering web based learning.  Some of it is very good and some I have seen is just plain shocking.  How do you know what’s good and what’s bad if you don’t know the answers anyway?  

Also, how do you know that those trainers know what you want to learn?

As far as working towards your own qualifications,  I have been an approved judge for The MPA and for The Guild of Photographers. This means I know what I’m talking about.  I know what the judges are looking for in any submission you make. It’s not secondhand knowledge about what they might have been looking at 20 years ago, it’s what they want to see NOW.

My style of training:

I’m honest and truthful but not brutal. I don’t knock you down into a gibbering wreck but I work with you to build your own confidence.

I don’t try to change your style into a copy of mine.  I’ll offer you choices about honing your own style, working on the things you are good at.

I work hard at getting you to understand what the judges are looking for.

I won’t help you pick the images required for your submission.  That’s your job (!) but what I will do is teach you to be able to do it for yourself.

I won’t teach you how to take “one trick” images but I will show you how to look for the light so what ever situation you find yourself in you will be able to make the right choice to produce a great image for yourself or your client.

What’s in it for you?

You will get direct contact with my knowledge of photography gained from over 40 years in full time photographic employment.

You can ask whatever photographic questions you want, business or technical, being sure that the answers you get will be honest and truthful.

You will be trained at your own pace not left behind wondering which way everybody went.

You will be able to ask any photography / business questions you want - there are no such things as “silly” questions.

We can organise structured training objectives setting tasks for you to complete within certain timeframe's or leave it to you to set the timing and agenda. It all depends on how you prefer to learn - do you need pressure to do anything or do you like fitting things in when you can - the choice is yours.

What previous clients say:

Thank you so much for taking the time with such a fab answer. I will keep working on it & I'm off to the bluebells later so will try again!

Catherine x

I know im being a pain in butt, and i know your right. :)

Thank you again for your advice. Don't know what id do without your

support and guidance. :)

Claire xx

Thanks for your help today - it was great to hear your thoughts and I will be remembering what you said with my upcoming sessions this weekend!