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I’ve run this type of training for about 10 years now.  It grew from a fairly small group away in Skipton to about 20 people in a mansion in Buxton and then grew into the thing we have today, a group of 20 to 30 people intent on having a great time sharing photography. See what the MPA magazine said about it then.

It’s not so much a course but more a “self help with professional facilitating” event.  A group of like minded people coming together to share ideas and practice in groups and as individuals.  It’s for injecting enthusiasm into your mind and for you to experiment in a relaxed environment without the constraints of having to please a customer.

Each day is broken into 3 possible shooting sessions of about 1.5 hours each so there are 9 formal sessions.  Each session per day will cover a different subject then will be repeated the next day.  This allows delegates to choose which subjects they wish to cover and when. There are also evening lecture sessions, 2 per day, but are more active discussions rather than one person spouting on all evening :)

I am really pleased to announce that starting on May 12th 2014 the other course tutors will include Julie Oswin, Kevin Pengelly, Sean McCormack, and Richie Crossley .  These speakers will also be available to book for one to one training should you want to have extra tuition on a specific subject not covered in the group sessions.

5 trainers, 4 models, 1 chef and YOU along with about 20 other photographers. A small exclusive coterie with only photography in mind.

The training will include:

* Seeing the Light - a non religious look at how photographing using daylight by standing in the right place can produce better than studio lighting.

* Studio lighting. Trainers will show how they shoot using metal and soft reflectors to get the look they want and how they prove that adding light is better than daylight.

* Wedding posing using the available light on the day.

* Adding light to daylight using on and off camera flash.

* Adobe Lightroom. The photographers friend when used properly.

 * Adobe Photoshop. Still the one to beat in image manipulation software.

* Raising Your Passion in photography. Motivational and thought provoking discussion.

* Going for qualifications or entering competitions. What's required and how to achieve it.  MPA, BIPP and The Guild of Photography official mentors and judges give honest opinions.  These are people who know what the judges are looking for not people who just say what their opinions are. We have 3 Fellows and 2 Craftsmen amongst the trainers - people who can do!

* Business skills. Are you planning your costing's and sales to suit the business you want?

* One to one shoots with a choice of models to enable you to build a portfolio or a special shoot to advertise a new product. (one to one shoots are charged at £30 for 1 hour up to artnude shoot direct to the model)  Images taken in Group sessions are not to be used as personal advertising in any form unless the caption states they were taken as part of a group session.

* Informal time to talk to trainers on what YOU want to talk about.

The whole ethos of my courses is " Everyone has a valid opinion and no one is 100% right all of the time". The instructors jobs are to say things the way they see them and to show how they do things. They are not "Right" or "Wrong" just showing the way they would do something at a certain time. It's all about learning and sharing. If you don't think you would fit in with that ethos then it's probably not the place for you. If you love sharing and learning then it probably is.

You may book a single room or shared room (see prices here) and for couples there are double rooms. The accommodation is very comfortable with most rooms having en-suite bathrooms. There is a full time chef and all food is provided in the price. If you want to bring extra snacks and alcohol that's fine - but remember it's a sharing environment and one of the trainers will probably steal some crisps!

This is from an email received from a delegate in 2012 "Thank you so much, it was an amazing week. Both Steve & I learnt a huge amount & had a fabulous time. The trainers were amazing, but also really nice & not full of themselves or pretentious which was refreshing!" (Jennie Miles)

David Mitchell, who had to fly down from Tain in the north of Scotland to attend, wrote about the March 2013 Glansevin event:

“I think it's about time to write some testimonials. It's been over a week since I got home and that adrenaline filled buzz has worn off sufficiently to give a full/frank/honest opinion. So, in no particular order. Clare Oswin, your food was exceptional - the best curry I have had for a very long time :) Paul RG Haley, didn't get to spend an awful lot of time with you as I was mainly there for weddings. For organising the event I take my hat off to you, you made me feel very welcome and I am grateful for the opportunity to be there. Richie Crossley, despite continuously referring to me as a "Scottish Tw*t" I loved your banter. You're passion knows no bounds and your "I think it - therefore I say it" really resonates with me. Kevin Pengelly, spent the majority of my sessions with Kevin and learnt a tremendous amount. Not just about the photography but also about interaction with your couples. Sean McCormack, my Celtic friend - loved your sessions but disappointed I wasn't available for your Lightroom stuff - hopefully next time! Julie Oswin, your warmth is infectious - I always had an overwhelming urge to cuddle you :) Our one to one with Maria and Rob was invaluable, like Kevin's sessions it was as much about the interaction as it was the photography. Maria King, Rob Howarth, Nikki and Petra, your professionalism, personality and perseverance are all highly commendable. One of the areas I lacked confidence before Glansevin was in directing models and your help (particularly Rob and Maria on my one to one) is greatly appreciated.

Would take way to long to mention individually the friends I made amongst the other "students" but I will offer one quick mention - Ozzie Malik, I could chat with you all day long mate :) And finally, Mark Pearson whose marathon evening/early morning sessions provided me with more business management training than my slightly sozzled brain could hope to soak up! Not only your willingness to share both your business and recent personal history but to then use both to make so many of us see things differently about our own business and photographic decisions. I felt then (as I still do now) that I had actually taken a bit of you away with me.

It cost me well over a grand to attend Glansevin and your advice on it's own was worth it. In fact, I have had a couple of friends comment on how much it has cost me but I ask them this "Would you pay £1k for something worth £2k?" It's a no no brainer for me. So, thank you ALL for the part you played in making my week at Glansevin something very much worth remembering :) xx”

Karen Wiltshire wrote about the Glansevin 2013 event: “Massive thank you to Paul RG Haley and all the other trainers for a fab weeks training at Glansevin . Can't wait to book onto the next one :)”

Mark Pearson wrote: “Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Paul RG Haley for yet another fantastic week away. New venue, new inspiration, quality trainers, and an amazing chef & food. Cracking week away!

Thanks Paul.”

4 nights away training extravaganza, 3 Fellows of Photography, 5 trainers in total, 4 models, 1 chef and about 20 course members. A truly mind blowing event where photography and improving your own techniques is the main topic of conversation for 3 full days and 4 nights.

Click here for costs.

Hamps Hall and Barn, ST10 3GJ

May 12-16 2014